Monday, July 9, 2012

Outta This World

 I wanted to do this manicure for quite some time now but delayed it because I wanted to wait for the new set of Cheeky image plates. Since those will take another four to six weeks until release I just went for it and here it is: my out of this world manicure! =D

Outta this world manicure

I would have preferred a light green or acid green polish as a basecolor but I don't have that and it's so hard to find a nice polish of that kind so I chose British Racing Green by Butter London instead. This polish/color requires two coats to turn out opaque and streak-free.

Butter London British Racing Green

After my basecolor has completely dried I applied one coat of the Kiko nail polish 228. It says sparkle touch on the sticker but I don't think that is the name. I think the polishes do have names although there are only numbers on the the bottles. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know. Anyway I love this polish. It adds a beautiful sparkle to the nailpolish underneath without altering the color.

Accent nail: Kiko 228

Let the stamping begin! As stamping polish I used the nail art stampy polish by essence in white. The image plates I used are Mash-33 and Mash 34 by Mash, CH4 by Cheeky and Fun2 from MyOnlineShop.

essence stampy polish, index: CH4 by Cheeky and Mash-34 by Mash, middle: Fun2, Mash-33, ring and pinkie Fun2

I only had the image of the right hand and I had to stamp the image of the left hand together. Doesn't look too bad... ^^ I sealed the design with the gel-look topcoat by essence. I really like that topcoat since it is not as runny as others. It's perfect for stamping.

I tried another color scheme aswell (blue, green, silver) but somehow it did not fit the way I imagined it would. Anyways...

I hope you like this mani. I might redo this if I ever find a nice acid green polish. ^^

Thanks for reading me. :)

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