Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Essence Nail Polishes

I've already been waiting for the new nail polishes by essence and today I found them in the store! So I went a liiiittle crazy in front of the shelf and before I knew what was happening I had ten polishes in my shopping cart.

Of course I grabbed some pink, purple and blue. I always circle around those colors. I think I bought the only green one they have and one which I guess is called a holographic. Looks pretty awesome.

The bottles have a new shape, new brushes similar to the ones Essie has and some of the colors changed. What I personally really like is that if you screw the lid on it clicks when the bottle is fully shut. And they dry super fast. Did not expect that but it's a big plus.

And now here they are:

f. l. t. r. 105 party princess, 106 free hugs, 110 modern romance, 132 break through, 134 stuck on you

f. l. t. r. 120 cookie love, 117 i'm so very, 139 walk on the wild side, 122 chick reloaded, 127 i love bad boys

And of course I swatched them for you. ;)

Free hugs looks pretty similar to Essie's Lovie Dovie. I know I aaaalways refer to that color. :D

essence 106 free hugs

essence 132 break through

essence 132 break through and 105 party princess (topper)

essence 106 free hugs and essence 105 party princess (topper)

I don't know why this picture turned out upside down... :/

essence 139 walk on the wild side

essence 122 chick reloaded

essence 134 stuck on you

essence 127 i love bad boys

essence 117 i'm so very

essence 120 cookie love

I really love the colors although modern romance was a huge disappointment for me. :D It looks nothing like the old one. I knew they would change the colors but somehow I did not expect that one to change. The new version looks nothing like the old one.

After swatching it on the nailwheel I refused to apply it on my nails and ranted about it. I guess it was the first shock although when I said it I meant it the way I said it. I just had to get it off my chest. Now I think my reaction might have been a little exaggerated. Well that is typical behaviour for me. :D

It took me four coats to get the colour opaque and streak-free.

essence 110 modern romance

And here is the old version. 

essence 44 modern romance

I will definitely buy more colors. At least one I know that already. :D

Thanks for joining me today. :)

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  1. oooooh wie hübsch. habe heute auch die neuen lacke gesehen und gleich was mitgenommen - einen für mich und einen für mein kleines gewinnspiel :)

  2. Nice swatches!
    I'm so excited about the new polishes!

  3. OK, so it is CHIC reloaded, though it would be a good name with chick, too. LOL. Btw, I prefer the new Moder Romance to the old one. :-)

  4. These are gorgeous and I love the new bottles!
    I had a friend to send some to me and I love them! Need to swatch them too :)

  5. Gorgeous shades! I love Ballerina's charm and English rose from the new essence collection. I'm definitely going to buy a few more :)