Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Checked Pattern and Bubbly Confetti

I tried something new today. Actually I was trying for several days now but today I have results.

I have a nude polish which I was very excited about when I first bought it but it actually was a huge disappointment once I applied it on my nails since it has barely any colour in it. But somehow this makes this polish perfect for this design.

The first nail design which I will show you is a checked pattern and the second is a dotted one.

I started off with a basecoat and let that dry. After that I applied one coat of essence's nude glam nail polish 01 cotton candy. As you can see it is very sheer with the first coat of polish.

essence nude glam 01 cotton candy

You could create this with a striper brush aswell but I am not very trained in that and as you might have noticed I like stamping so I used Mash image plate Mash-39 and p2 color victim 544 my place or yours to stamp on the checked pattern.

Mash image plate Mash-39, p2 color victim 544 my place or yours?

I gave that a moment to dry before I applied another coat of the sheer essence polish over the stamped image. The sheer color alters the stamped one a little and makes it look a little more like a pastel polish.

Sheer polish over stamped image

After the second layer dried completely I used a striper brush and 543 break the rules! by p2 color victim to draw the lines as you can see them. They look kinda shaky. If the striper brush is long enough this probably won't happen. I finished off with a layer of essence's quick dry topcoat to protect the design.

Checked Pattern: Striper brush and p2 543 break the rules! to create the lines

And that is it for this design. ^^

The other design starts with the same basecoat and basecolor.

essence nude glam 01 cotton candy, one coat

Then I used a dotting tool and randomly dotted with 544 my place or yours by p2 color victim dots in different sizes on my nail.

dotting tool and p2 544 my place or yours

After those dots dried I polished one coat of the nude glam polish over the dots.

Purple dots with one coat of sheer nude polish on top

Again using the dotting tools I added dots in the same color as before and in pink 543 break the rules! by p2 color vicitm on the free spaces between the first dots. I finished with a quick drying to seal in the design.

Bubbly Confetti in pink and purple

And here are my first two attempts. They do not look very good... :D The lines never show up straight and the dots didn't turn out so well either...

First attempt: checked pattern and confetti

I hope you like today's designs. If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will make sure to get back to you.

Thanks for reading. Bye! :)


  1. beide designs sind sehr hübsch geworden...wobei das gegitterte wirklich gestamped werden sollte ;)

    1. Vielleicht sieht es nicht so schlimm aus, wenn man n besseren Pinsel hat oder mit Acrylfarbe arbeitet. Nagellack trocknet ja doch sehr schnell.
      Mein Pinsel ist leider nicht so der knaller. :D Ich bin in diesen freihändig gestalteten Sachen auch nicht so gut. ^^

    2. Hm aber Stampen wird eben doch gleichmäßiger...v.a. wenn das Muster auf allen Nägeln sein soll. Egal mit gefällt das Gestampte ;)

  2. Hi, hab mich mal durch deinen Blog geklickt und wow, war ja klar das ich dir jetzt folgen muss ;) Du hast richtig tolle Ideen! Danke für diese ganze Inspiration!! Grüße, Tina

    1. Danke schön. :) Freut mich sehr, dass es dir hier gefällt. :D

  3. Try to write in your native language to express yourself better. It feels too stiff, don't you think?
    And more patience while applying nailpolish, please

    1. When I write in my native language it feels just as stiff. I think that's just the way I write. I always try to be accurate and make things right.