Monday, June 4, 2012

[How To] Create a Backing for Image Plates

Hey everyone :)

this is a quick guide for you showing how to create backings for image plates which are blank on the backside.

Step 1: Make sure the back of the image plate is dry and free from any residues.

Blank back of MJ image plate

Step 2: Get some double-sided adhesive tape and tape the tape on the back of the image plate until you can't see any blank spots. Make sure to press it on firmly and do NOT take off the foil from the tape just yet.

Image plate with double-sided adhesive tape on it.

Step 3: Cut off any distand tape with a pair of scissors.

Trimmed tape on the back.

Step 4: Take a sheet of paper which is big enough to cover the back of the image plate. I chose a thicker paper with 200 g/m² but any paper will do. Now peel off the foil of the double-sided adhesive tape and press the image plate with the taped side firmly on the sheet of paper you prepared.

Image plate taped to the paper sheet.

Step 5: Take a sharp knife similar to the one you see in the picture and cut the image plate out. Follow the edges of the plate and it will become very neat. Don't forget to use a support underneath your paper sheet which is thick enough to resist the cutting of the blade and be careful not to cut your surfaces or even yourself! Take your time with this and be careful or ask an andult to help you with this.

Carefully cutting out the image plate...

...and done!

Step 6: You're done now. Enjoy your image plate. ^^

Image plate with self made backing.

I did this with my Red Angel image plates too because when I tried to peel off their blue protective cover I cut myself three(!) times on them. But not anymore!

Red Angel image plate with selfmade backing

Another thing: Learn from my fail and do not use glue! I kept scrubbing the glue off for a long time after it just wouldn't dry and stick. And I can assure you it was very messy and definetly not pleasant work. I wouldn't try hot glue either. I guess this way you get the best results.

If you want you can put some self-adhesive foil on the paper in addion to protect it.

I hope this was helpful to you. If you have any questions please leave a comment and I'll make sure to get back to you.

Thanks for joining me and see you next time. :)

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