Saturday, June 30, 2012

[News] Coming soon...

I'm preparing different posts at the moment and I thought I let you know about it.

I haven't completed my reviews yet. I still did not finish the one about the Konad image plates. I don't know why this is taking so long but I will publish.

I'm writing a comparison between several image plates and brands. This takes more time than I thought it would but I hope it is worth the effort. This will come shortly after I finished the Konad review.

I will be writing about magentic nail polish and maybe about crackle polish. Maybe there will be a video about this too. I don't know yet but it will definitely have a reviewing character.

I prepared several designs which sit in my archive and wait to be published. The inspiration came and I was on the roll.

Something like a french tips tutorial.

I think about creating my own nail polishes... 

If you have a wish for a special design or want me to write about a certain topic please leave a comment and I will see what I can do. :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Pink and Orange Colorblocking

What is it with the combination of pink and orange?! I don't get it. I really don't! I always thought it is forbidden to comine these colors with each other. They just don't match. And all of a sudden it's totally acceptable to combine them. This is just WROOONG!

But here I am creating a manicure by colorblocking pink and orange. And I have no idea why... :D (Is this even still trendy?!)

These are the products I will be using. 

(f.l.t.r.) masking tape, uma nail art pen, essie #20 Lovie Dovie, Alessandro 01 Honeymoon, p2 color victim 741 notice me!

I used a fake nail on a stick ( xD how are those thingys really called?) since I just made my nails yesterday and I am still not sure whether or not I like this combination enough that I wanna wear it on my nails. I have to admit it is kinda hypnotic. You just HAVE to look at those colors.

If you do this design on your natural nails start off with a basecoat. Then apply a white basecolor. I used Honeymoon by Alessandro. You wanna give that enough time to dry completely before you go over to the next step.

Basecolor: Alessandro Honeymoon

Take a piece of masking tape and mask two third of your nail with the tape. Paint the free tip with a pink nail polish and give the polish a moment to set before you remove the tape. I used Lovie Dovie by Essie.

2/3 of the nail masked with tape

Then mask one third of your nail with the tape and paint the middle section orange. If you feel secure enough you can polish your nails without the masking tape. I used 741 notice me! by p2.

Masking tape and color blocks: Essie Lovie Dovie, p2 741 notice me!

Color blocks: Essie Lovie Dovie, p2 741 notice me!, Alessandro Honeymoon

Use a striper polish/brush to create a thick line between each color section. Finish off with a topcoat to seal in your design. I used the black nail art pen by u. m. a. and the gel-look topcoat by essence.

Colorblocking manicure in white, orange and pink

I hope you like today's manicure. Let my know what you think about it by leaving a comment. ;)

Thanks for joining me. See you next time. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Golden Brown

I bought a polish on sale some time ago and now I applied it for the first time. It's called Oh De Derp. :D

Just kidding, it's called Oh De Prep by essence and it is from the A New League limited edition. I always read Oh De Derp when I see the back of the bottle. xD Makes me laugh every time.

essence Oh de Prep from A New League Limited Edition, daylight

essence A New League Limited Edition: Oh de Prep, inside

I think the colours gold and brown are a classic combination that is why I chose gold for stamping. Since the Mirror Metallics by Essie work perfect for stamping (as you can see) I used Good As Gold for stamping. This is probably one of the most expensive polishes I could use for stamping. : |

essence Oh De Prep, essie Good As Gold, Fun 2 image plate, daylight

The image plate I used is called Fun 2 which I bougth here

essence Oh De Prep, essie Good As Gold, Fun 2 image plate, inside

I really like this look. :D

I hope you do too... ;)

If you have any questions about this design or anything else please let me know and leave a comment below.

Thanks for joining me today.

Bye! :)

Basic French Manicure

Since I feel so uninspired lately I thought it might be the best to return to the basics. I also feel that the length of my nails is perfect for a french manicure at the moment so I just went for it.

I applied a basecoat first to protect my natural nails. Then I used Konad image plate m19 to create the french tips. I think this way I get the best results for french tips. I might do a comparison on that.
I used Honeymoon by Alessandro as stamping polish since this polish became a little gummy over time and the pigmentation is good too.

Basic French Manicure with black accent on the ring finger, artificial light, Alessandro Honeymoon, p2 500 eternal

I chose a monochromatic colour scheme for this manicure. I did not use a basecolor and I chose to create the accent in black so the manicure would stay sort of neutral. The image used is from Konad image plate m61.

Basic French Manicure with black accent on the ring finger, daylight, Alessandro Honeymoon, p2 500 eternal

After I gave the stamped polish a moment to dry I applied my topcoat to seal in the design and connect the colors with each other. I used essence gel-look topcoat. The texture is very thick almost jelly-like. I really like it. And mostly I put so much topcoat on my nail with the first brush stroke that the stamped images won't even streak. ^^

I hope you like the design although it is very simple. I think it looks kind of classy. ^^

Thanks for joining me today.

Monday, June 25, 2012

[Video] Polka Dots and French Tips

I made another video for Arcadia Nail Art's Vintage/Retro Contest.

Thanks for watching. :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Alluring Flowers of the Night

Hey everyone :)

the other day I was playing around with my new MASH image plates and here is waht came out of it.

I polished one coat of Alluring Night from one of the catrice limited editions. It was on sale that's why I bought it. It's a very dark blue with a little shimmer in it. Almost looks like black and sometimes it looks like it has a green shimmer instead of a blue depending on the light. It's a crazy polish... :D

For my thumb and ringfinger I used the image plate Mash-41 and added a rhinestone. They are my accent nails. On the other nails I used Mash-46.

As stamping polish I used No Place Like Chrome by essie. It is from their special edition and probably the most expensive polish for stamping ever. :D I was just curious if it works and it does quite well as you can see.

catrice C02 Alluring Night, MASH image plate Mash-41, Mash-46, Essie Mirror Metallics No Place Like Chrome

I feel so uninspired lately and I think I will open my archive again and see what kind of nice things I have in there for you. ^^

I hope you like this design. And as always if you have any questions please leave a comment below and I'll make sure to get back to you.

See you next time. Bye. :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[Review] Red Angel Image Plates

Hey everyone! :)

It's review time again! I've been working on this for quite some time and now I had to finish it. It started to annoy me being all unfinished in the draft folder. ^^

This set of Red Angel image plates for stamping nail art contains 21 plates. The plates came in this little plastic pouch which is reusable. The image plates are made of stainless steel and they have a high polish finish. This makes them very robust and of course reusable.

Red Angel plastic pouch

The image plates had a blue protective cover which has to be removed before using them. None of the plates had a paper backing that is why I cut my fingers about three(!) times on the sharp edges when I tried to remove those covers. And that did really hurt! So I thought to myself that I have to do something about that and made a paper backing for them. If you are interested in how to create a paper backing for your blank image plates click here.
If you want to buy the set please be careful when you remove the covers.

Self made paper backing on Red Angel image plates

On the image plates you can find full nail images, french tips, single motifs and half moon manicure images which I haven't seen anywhere else before. The full nail images are in the majority in this set followed by the single motifs. There are just one image plate each with french tips and the half moon manicure images on them.

Frencht tips, half moon manicure images, full nail images, single motifs

The image plate measure about 5,6 cm in mean diameter. This is a very common size among image plates.

About 5,6 cm in mean diameter

The full nail image measures about 1,3 cm in width and about 1,6 cm in length. This is an average size for full nail images.

Red angel image plate, full nail image about 1,3 cm in width

Red angel image plate, full nail image about 1,6 cm in length

The french tips measure about 0,6 cm in length and 1,5 cm in width. This is also average.

Red angel image plate, french tip about 0,6 cm in length

Red angel image plate, french tip about 1,5 cm in width

The half moon manicure images are pretty unique. They measure about 1,3 cm in width, about 1,6 cm in length at the edge and about 1,5 cm in the middle of the image. The outside measurements match the ones of the full nail images. 

Red angel image plate, half moon manicure image about 1,3 cm in width

Red angel image plate, half moon manicure image about 1,6 cm in length at the edge

Red angel image plate, half moon manicure image about 1,5 cm in the middle

I already mentioned the sharp edges on the outer edge of the image plate. I don't know how the images are brought into the metal but the egdes of the images are kind of rough which makes them kind of hard to clean. Every time I clean the image plate with a cotton pad there are lints all over the place which is kind of annyoing. The engravings are very deep so the images with bigger engraved parts come out as blobs if you are not careful (see swatches) and the deep engraving makes it also very hard to clean the plates. But mostly the images come up very nice. Most times you can reuse the polish which is left on the stamper. The second time stamping comes almost up as good as the first time.

Red Angel image plates, swatches RA-101, RA-102, RA-107

Red Angel image plates, swatches RA-119, RA-120

The full nail images are mostly abstract I guess the single motifs are mostly floral. I don't know how to describe the images on the image plates so I made some photos for you to see for yourself.  

You can purchase the set on amazon and I'm pretty sure they are sold on ebay too.

I hope this was helpful to you. If you have any questions please leave a comment I'll make sure to get back to you. 

[News] Bundle Monster 3rd Set

Finally! Bundle Monster has released their third set of image plates. It is available on their homepage (click here) and on amazon.

I didn't get the chance to purchase them yet but I'm working on it... :D

As soon as I have them I will review them for you. ;) 

Monday, June 18, 2012

British Racing Crocus

Hello everybody! :)

Today I cut my nails. I really shouldn't do that since they are so hard they will just splinter and break off but I did it anyway in order to shorten them. And I was sick of their round shape so I tried to file them square(-ish). It doesn't look too bad with polish on but it is soooo weird without. The smile line(?) makes it even worse. Or that is the reason why it looks so odd. Maybe I am just not used to it.

Anyway here it is now. I polished two coats of British Racing Green by Butter London on my nails.

Butter London: British Racing Green, artificial light

This polish always gets streaky with the first layer of polish so I can't avoid applying two coats. I really hate the brush. The brush makes it so hard to apply the polish. The bristles are long which is not bad and the brush is round which is also okay but the diameter of the brush is so small. The brush is so tiny and the bristles won't spread! I hate it, makes it so hard to apply the polish. If it wasn't for this georgeous green...

Butter London: British Racing Green, daylight

After the basecolor has dried completely I decided to use my new image plates by Mash and stamped the flower pattern from plate Mash-45 in white on my accent nail.

MASH image plate Mash-45

Using a dotting tool I filled up the middle of the flower with Metallic Yellow by Kleancolor. And now I have some crocusses on my accent nails. Well a very abstract version at least... ^^

Kleancolor Metallic Yellow

After sealing that with a topcoat you're finished. By the way British Racing Green looks pretty awesome with a matte topcoat too. I swatched that on my nail wheel.

I still have that song stuck in my head. xD Made me forget what I wanted to write. - I remember! :D

Which shape do you prefer for your nails and why? I would be delighted at reading your comments. :)

Thanks for joining me and see you next time. :)

Edit: I am kind of disappointed. The polish chipped away at the tips after only one day! :(

Sunday, June 17, 2012

[Swatches] Black & White

Here are some swatches of Alessandro's Honeymoon and Bad Romance by Deborah Lippmann.

Alessandro Honeymoon, swatch in daylight

Alessandro Honeymoon, swatch in daylight

Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance, accent nail

Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance in daylight

Edit: I have a Lady Gaga song stuck in my mind since I posted this. You'd think it is "Bad Romance" since you could see the swatches of that polish in this post but it is not. It's "Alejandro" and in my mind it goes "Alessandro Alessandro, Ale- Alessandro Ale- Alessandro". :D It's so silly I just wanted to share. ^^

[Video] Vintage Manicure - Contest Submission

Hey everyone :)

this is my second entry for Arcadianailart's Vintage/Retro Contest and I submit for the category "Stamping".

As you can see it is another video. I think I'm getting better at this... :D

So here is the video. Enjoy!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask and leave a comment below and I will make sure to answer as quickly as possible.

Thanks for watching. :)

See you next time.

Vintage Manicure

Friday, June 15, 2012

[Review] MASH image plates 26-50

Hey everyone :)

it's review time again! =D Today's review will be about the new image plates by MASH. I already told you that MASH released their second set of image plates and that I will review them as soon as I get my hands on them. Well, the package arrived this morning... ;)

The set contains 25 image plates numbered from 26 to 50. The image plates are made of "high grade stainless steel" and they all come individually wrapped in their own plastic bag. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. The individual wrapping is good if you store your image plates in the plastic bags. If you throw them away because you don't store them in the plastic bag it will cause garbage which is not exactly environmental friendly.

Mash image plates 26 - 50, individually wrapped

Every image plate is covered with a blue "protective nylon screen" which was easy to peel off. 

Blue protective nylon screen

The image plates all have a paper backing to prevent scratchings on surfaces and the edges are sanded which makes them easy to handle. You won't find any sharp edges on which you could cut yourself accidentally.
There are two things though which attracted my attention: first thing was that one of the backings was a little ripped off a little which is no big deal actually, the other was that if you wipe your image plate with (acetone free) nail polish remover in order to clean it on the backside the print on the backing will blur.

Ripped backing of Mash image plate.

Blurred backing of Mash image plate after wiping with polish remover

The image plates measure about 5,6 cm in mean diameter.
Mash image plate, about 5,6 cm in mean diameter

On the image plates you can find full nail images, french tip designs and single motifs whereby the full nail images and the single motifs are in majority.

Mash image plates, full nail images, french tips and single motifs.

The full nail images measure about 1,3 cm in width and about 1,6 cm in length.

Mash image plate, about 1,3 cm in width

Mash image plate, about 1,6 cm in length

The french tips measure about 1,3 cm in width and about 0,5 cm in lenght.

Mash image plate, french tip, about 0,5 cm in length

Mash image plate, french tip about 1,3 cm in width

The single motifs vary in their size.

Mash image plates, single motifs in different sizes

The engravings look pretty neat and the images pick up very nicely and transfer well onto the nails. I discovered that the very filigree images with the delicate designs (thin lines and tiny dots) have trouble appearing properly (swatch MASH-29) but I only discovered two images with this problem. Maybe it's an user error... ^^

Here are some swatches on paper for you:

Swatches: Mash image plates Mash -26, Mash -27, Mash -28 and Mash -29

Swatches: Mash image plate Mash-30, Mash-28, Mash-29, Mash-41

And some on my nails (essence stampy polish on Alessandro's Honeymoon): 

Swatches of different Mash image plates

Swatches of different Mash image plates.

I just love the cat image. It is so adorable! <3

Each plate contains five to seven designs totaling 145 images (if I counted correctly). You can purchase this set and the previous one aswell on the MASH nails website. And if you want to stay up to date with MASH visit their facebook page.

I think there was something else I wanted to say... can't remember. :( I will add it here when I do.

Anyway if you have any questions please leave a comment and I'll make sure to get back to you.

Thanks for joining me today and see you next time. :)

PS: Here are the image plates close-up... ;)